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Subject: Re: My Objection... ( 42 of 51 )
Posted by Cagliostro

Oooooo Ray.....your screwup led to my pick for Trillian. Again, if we MUST have a big name in the role, I pick Kristen Scott Thomas to play Trillian. Not Kristen Johnson who is on 3rd Rock from the Sun, the latest Austin Powers and the latest Flintstones debaucle. Kristen Scott Thomas, while coming off rather stiff lately in films like the Horse Whisperer and even the English Patent...uhh...Patient. But there is a glimmer in Four Weddings and a Funeral (which I've only ever seen once), but it would be a nice stretch for her as an actress. Maybe even a better fit is Emma Thompson, since it is known that she can do comedy. But again, I think they'd each need a dye job, at least to fit in with my impression of Trillian.
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