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Subject: Re: My Objection... ( 41 of 51 )
Posted by ray daley

actaully i think a large percentage of "people" on this planet actually are aliens with SEP fields but we haven't caught on yet.
roswell was a practical joke pulled by a teaser, speilberg got the e.t and close encounters scripts from the mice to confuse us and the x-files was written by a magrathean who was bored of designing glaciers.
3rd rock from the sun is directed by a sirius cybernectics corps robot and the bird who plays sally in it (kirsten scott thomas?) would make an excellent trillian and i want to marry her if she's single, or just be her sex slave.
BTW, the dogs have just joined forces with the mice and dolphins and are currently planning to leave to the planet.
thats why the first living creature in space was a dog (advance scout party) and that star trek-the voyage home was actually a parody by the mice of whats going to happen. that probe was the vogons sent by the mice to kill us for screwing up their nice computer program.
as for bill gates?
he's mostly harmless.

now, can someone pass me a hypersonic spanner, i need to get the hell off this planet because you can't get a decent drink anywhere.
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