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Subject: Anything You Still Can't Deal With is Therefore Your Own Problem! ( 32 of 51 )
Posted by Chevy Lumina

(Running out of titles...)

Okay. Lessee here...
1. Cameron Diaz MAY be a decent actress; I thought she was okay in My Best Friend's Wedding, but I have not seen any of her other stuff. However, Caligostro, you must understand that I am firmly against ANYbody who is that zarking damned TRENDY playing ANYbody in the movie--let alone one of The Main Five. (Arthur, Ford, Trillian, Zaphod, Marvin.) Trendy Hollywood with underground-culty, sassy, smart HHG is a combination that makes my _skin_ crawl. Gyeaahhh...!
(Sandra Dickinson LOOKED wrong for Trillian, too, but I liked her. In fact, I liked her _better_ than Susan Sheridan, now that I've heard both. Lines that Ms. Sheridan said very coldly and almost _robotically_ were said with lots of pep, sass and humour by Ms. Dickinson. Such as the title of this post, for example.)
What I'm saying is I could stomach a blonde Trillian--heck, it's what I'm USED to!--if only she _was_ _not_ _trendy_.

2. I do not know who Jason whatsisbucket is. Wish I did. A short good-looking man sounds about right for Ford. Let me explain here though that the guy who plays Ford should NOT, in my opinion, be _beautiful_. What I'm seeing is a little 30-ish guy with sharp, somewhat "elfish", features, and a slightly "off" quality. (Maybe eyes that seem to be just a BIT too large for his face; that would give him a similation of the eerie non-blinking stare thing. Or maybe his nose is a tad too large to pass for Generic Male Beauty Standards, etc.) He wouldn't be drop-dead gorgeous; he'd just be kinda...DIFFERENT-looking, and _could_ be seen as cute if you happen to like that kind of thing. (Which I do.) But NOT _universally_ good-looking. After all, that would go against the book description! "His features were striking, yet not conspicuously handsome", eh?
"Striking" is rather vague, but I'm not the only one who sees it as meaning "sharp/delicate". The comic books of HHG show him as a red-headed, green-eyed, _freckled_ (?!) ELF, with horrible fashion sense. The TV version was a smallish and dainty-ish man, the be-satcheled frood on the cover of my library's radio version collection is a bit on the pretty side, and just about ALL fan-art versions draw Ford with two common factors:
1. Sharp features.
2. A wily, mischievous, and very intelligent look in the eyes--_whatever_ colour they may be! :)

And yes, he WAS described as "a small man from Betelgeuse" in the fourth book. :)

Whoops, I didn't mean to go on quite so long about that! I'll shut up now and hope everybody doesn't think I've gone completely round the bend...
("TOO LATE!" the entire board shouts at once.)


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