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Subject: Re: Cast for H2G2 ( 50 of 51 )
Posted by Dahorsh

After reading some of the posts on this thread, I can definitely say that most of you are insane. And not in a good way. Casting some of those high-budget, north american boobs who will no doubt completely flatulate a horribly fake english accent (or heaven forbid actually avoid it and just try and 'act') will sink a movie like this. I'm really trying to understand whether people are suggesting these actors because they are die hard fans or..whether they actually think they would be /good/ in those roles. Has anyone seen the movie from way back? It wasn't bad. Bruce Willis? Jim Carrey? Drew Carrey?! Matthew Broderick?!? Arrrg. You're out of your minds. To top off that Disney is going to pin it's name on it somewhere and...arg, pass me something quick and painless. (I really hope I'm not mistaken with about the Disney comment I read somewhere or I might need something quick and painful) British actors folks. It's the way to go. Maybe some (excuse the phrase) No name 'talented' actors. But to bring in the kiddies you have to bring in the big names I guess. Pity. No wait...lets get Madonna to play Trillium and Micheal Jordan to play Marvin. Did that cause you to almost vomit? I hope so. Reality check. I hope Mr. Adams has full authority to make casting choices (can't complain then can I? It's his vision), can make changes where he sees fit, and doesn't let Disney 'alter' the story as it has done to soooo many others to appeal to a particular marketing strategy and age group. A George Lucas approach would be a good thing for this particular movie. Full control to the author! Ahhhh, rant...done. Temperature...lowering. Brain...dissolving. Wait...hatemail sense is tingling...Underwear...twisted.
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