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Subject: Re: Another Trillian post ( 38 of 51 )
Posted by Rary

My vote's for Neve Campbell (again, always backing anyone who suggests a Canuck for a role in this most anticipated film). But I have to admit, it's ONLY because she's a Canuck. In reality I'm still backing Kate Winslet or Minnie Driver.

Cameron Diaz? I like her, but no.

Other than the height discrepancy, I think David Duchovney would do the Ford part quite well (ducking for cover in anticipation of the many large items about to be thrown at me....)

Okay, one last thing, perhaps a stupid question. I haven't seen the BBC shows in centuries, and I've never heard the radio series. I heard a song a long time ago which mentioned Zaphod Beeblebrox, and was quite disturbed to find that the singer of this song pronouced Zaphod's name differently than I always had when reading. So tell me , oh faithful fans..... is Zaphod pronounced with a long "a" (first syllable rhymes with "safe"), or is it a short "a" (first syllable rhymes with "zap")?

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