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Subject: bloody sci - fi tributes ( 7 of 51 )
Posted by pixie

sorry, but all these tribute ideas - the film should be totally original as i'm sure it will be. i for one am bored of hearing people suggesting actors from other well renouned sci-fi movies/series. take chris barrie for instance (rimmer from red dwarf). dont get me wrong, i love red dwarf, i really do - its so light hearted and easy to watch - very british and grant and naylor should be proud of that. however i read that some one suggested barrie for the part of arthur. to me, that would be like seeing rimmer all over again. casting peple from other sci fi roles would be like trying to bring other aspects of other sci-fis into hitch hikers. its not original, there would be too many cross overs. i know that hitch hikers has been described as "the thinking mans red dwarf" but that is taking it a little to the extreme.
personally, i dont want to make speculations about the cast. im just interested in seeing a great movie. i dont care about the cast so long as they portray the characters the way their creator intended - DNA, keep up the good work as im sure you will! we love you man!
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