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Subject: Re: Not a fundamentalist ( 2 of 63 )
Posted by Douglas Adams

I was very careful in what I said, and I hope you will read it as carefully. I said...

"I would guess that most people I know otherwise are agnostics, and quite a few atheists. If I was to try and look amongst my friends, family and colleagues for people who believed there was a god I'd probably be looking amongst the older ones, and also (to be perfectly frank) the less well educated ones. There are one or two exceptions. "

This is a true report of my experience. If you were to say that maybe my friends, family and colleagues are not a respresentative cross-section of all people then of course you'd be right. I can only report my own experience and you must make of it what you will.

I'm sorry you take offence at my remarks. I shall be glad when we move on from what seems to me to be an era of offence taking. I have expressed my opinions robustly but, I hope, carefully and thoughtfully. Please disagree with them as robustly as you like. There are now six billion of us, and there are bound to be a lot of opinions and views out there we profoundly disagree with. I wish we could just accept that and have the arguments and think about them not be in such a rush to take offence the whole time. If you find my remarks to be dishonest, thoughtless, malicious or even stupid then I apologise for them wholeheartedly. If you merely find that you strongly disagree with them then please disagree back. But wherein lies the offence?
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