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Subject: Re: Not a fundamentalist ( 23 of 63 )
Posted by irritated

Besides living in an era where people are easy to take offense, we also live in an era where people quite frequently blatantly use humor or indirect language to imply something without having the (I think the term is guts) to state their opinion openly. DNA would never say 'I think everyone who is religious is an old, addlebrained, half-witted twit!" but let's get REAL we all know that's what he meant. Much of humor is often disguised acidity and anger and DNA is no exception. Since he makes a living at it, at least it's understandable that he maintains a certain constancy about his stance and behavior. BUT I am APPALLED by the "educated" people on this board who have directed everything short of savage venom at somebody who is "primitive" enough to hold a non-provable belief. Contrary to most POLITICALLY CORRECT doctrines that are current about the stupidity and savagery of people who subscribe fanatically to a faith would have you believe, FAITH itself is not the SOURCE of savagery, cruelty, or sanctioned stupidity at the expense of others. It is only one of the many VEHICLES of such behavior. If you want to look to the latest incarnation of this, look no further than the mirror.
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