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Subject: Re: Agnostapalooza ( 37 of 63 )
Posted by Allison

"My reference to limited thinking goes to those who immediately dismiss that which they can't prove."

Agreed, however that ball swings both ways. Believers tend to poing fingers at nonbelievers, aka aetheists and scientists for dismissing existence of god sans proof, however they are quick to turn to faith when nonbelievers retaliate, and the nonbelievers are then criticized or even ostracized since the majority of the community is theists.

"I've just seen too much that scientific arrogance cannot explain.(cynics may sigh here, too)"

First of all, I would just like to say that as a cynic I do not sigh at this, although I will gladly provide an opposing viewpoint: while it is undeniably true that there are things that science can not explain , there are plenty of things that science can not explain that no one attempts to attribute to god, the "nonmiracles" shall we say that are unexplainable, but no one has a need know. Science can not explain everything, but it is my opinion that it should not try. We are only here for a short amount of time, and personally I would find it a bit unfulfilling to spend a significant part of it trying to explain things that one may or may not be capable of proving. As I said before, the believers and nonbelievers should try to keep religious beliefs or lack thereof from becoming a competition, and try to just go their own merry ways happily convinced that the others are wrong.

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