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Subject: Re: Wondering about nationality ( 15 of 63 )
Posted by American and Atheist

Since that AA interview has been linked, there have been several related threads springing up here on the forum. And they always seem to be started by those who are religious and were surprised to find out that one of their favorite writers was an atheist. DNA usually avoids these threads, but I really liked his reply to this one.

Anyway, what I'm curious about is whether or not these threads back up his assertion: That in England, being agnostic or atheist isn't that big of a deal. He said that he simply doesn't run across a lot of religious people in his travels. In other words, attitudes about the theism/atheism debate are somewhat defined by culture.

My experiences with American Christians, combined with his statements regarding atheism in England, lead me to the following hypothesis: Those who take offense to the AA article (offense enough to complain here on this forum) are probably American.

I wonder if there's a way to verify this hypothesis?
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