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Subject: Re: Not a fundamentalist ( 12 of 63 )
Posted by thom stuart

i think we're talking about different kinds of ease.

i'm not suggesting for a moment that you can simply lay hands on a crucifix and instantly have every problem in your life solved. i realise that your belief requires continuing effort on your part. i'm just talking about the ease of acceptance and intellectual exploration of your own personal universe.

any problem you encounter, any decision you can't make, any wavering in your belief that the valley is - in spite of all the available evidence - pink, can be resolved by thumbing through your authoritative tome and plucking the right atomic nugget of dogma from its pages. you have to believe in the bible, right? i understand that different people have differing levels of literality of interpretation, but essentially you've opted into a scheme whereby you allow someone or something else to take responsibility for the things you don't want to try to understand.

but man is necessarily a lesser creature than god! we can never hope to understand His nature, His whims, the mysteries of His glorious creation!

how convenient. how sad, in a way.

hey, i don't know, maybe you're not even a christian. i realise we're discussing belief in god rather than subscription to any specific denomination here, but i personally find that this applies universally to organized religion. even devoid of a holy book, you're still outsourcing your independent thinking to some embodiment of a mystical deity, and to me that's just wrong. some things are too important to allow out of your own hands. you're an intelligent human being; give yourself some credit.

i don't want particularly to draw this out too much, especially not in this forum, but i'm curious as to what life experiences have led you to intelligently conclude that there's a god. i don't think i've heard of such an occurrence - and hey, i'm always learning.

oh, and come on, that was cheap to call me on "parroting" the interview; it's the material we're discussing. or maybe you didn't mean that, and i'm just paranoid. the power of christ compels me!
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