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Subject: Re: Agnostapalooza ( 36 of 63 )
Posted by Rob, SoLF

"It is almost inconceivable that earth is the only location with life of some sort, this is the most self-centered theory we, as a human race, have ever concocted. However, I do not believe that it is limited thinking on my part to doubt the existence of something as unexplainable as the concept of god."

Very much agreed. My reference to limited thinking goes to those who immediately dismiss that which they can't prove.

"I would argue that while this is true, how can it be proven that god does exist?"

Exactly. Like I was saying before, Logic and Faith are two opposing viewpoints that yield the same information(or lack of information). It's my guess that they always will be that way, no matter what form of proof will be offered. It's something of a saying of mine(though someone else probably thought it long before I did) that if Jesus were to show up tommorrow, he would at best, be thought a loony even by Christians, ignored, or possibly killed. Case and point, David Koresh. The media as much as put the words "Koresh" and "cult" in the same headline and he was guilty before they read the story...

I would not be one to stand by and demand that there is a God, but I certainly won't be one to deny it, either(call me Mr. Noncommital). I've just seen too much that scientific arrogance cannot explain.(cynics may sigh here, too)
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