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Subject: Re: Atheism on h2g2 ( 39 of 63 )
Posted by FingerSoup

Ok, First off I should mention that I am Non Denominational Christian, which means that I believe in God, Jesus, an all that, But I do not believe in the convensions of the Roman Catholic church, or Anglican church, etc... I believe that organised religion is corrupt, and thus leaves alot of people feeling betrayed by god so to speak.

Now, my view on this subject. Who cares if DNA is atheist, or if I am a christian. The arguement whether or not there is a God, is a futile mess that holds little relevance. For instance:

If I pray for the soul of an atheist, and things get better for them, what harm is done? I have followed my beliefs, and they have followed theirs. The fact remains that things still got better for them.

If I pray for an atheist, and things get worse, I feel that it was god's will, and the atheist believes that whatever happened happened, and that it's a person's fault or no-ones fault. Again, we have seperate beliefs and they don't affect each other.

In fact, The only time society has problems with the belief of god, is when we try to force our beliefs on each other. I'm not saying that we should not let people know what we believe. I'm saying we should respect each other's beliefs and not judge people based on what god they believe in (if any). Judge not, lest ye be judged. I have seen more christians here judging DNA about his beliefs than there should be (I realize the hypocrisy of my statement by the way). And although that was a christian quote, I think any atheist can see the logic and sense behind it.

Don't stir the pot. We all believe what we want to, and I'm all for expressing what you believe in. What I don't think we should be doing is attacking each others beliefs based on what your personal feelings on the subject are. Take comments as a person's personal beliefs. They don't affect yours, so let them have their fun. Feel free to post your beliefs. Just don't try to force your beliefs on me.
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