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Subject: Re: Wondering about nationality ( 40 of 63 )
Posted by R.J.Briel

Strangely enough you will find a large contingent in South Africa believing in God , so yes , its true , there are many more of us , interdenomination and international that believe in God .... like Kathleen. Even more strange , we have a brain as well , like you! Intelligence could be measured in various ways , I however , would like to call it something else ... say pragmatism ... so question : if you are so in control of your own life , who is in control of the universe , you ... or Mr Adams maybe ... anyway , any evidence you can give that there definitely is no God ...????
Kathleen is saying that you can theorise as much as you want and feel tremendously satisfied with your intellectual powers but in the end that is still basically a theory .... you cannot see wind ... but feel it ... we cannot see God but feel him ... it is actually so sad .... you are missing out on so much!!
Ever thought that if some day you find out the truth , that God exists , how unintellectual you are going to look ... let alone feel ... maybe then you will have more to think about than merely a "hot" debate ... if we were to be prooven wrong , at least we tried to follow good and fair principals.

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