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Subject: Re: Agnostapalooza ( 34 of 63 )
Posted by Allison

Very well put, I fear my response to your thread may have come out a bit more negatively than intended...however in response to your (true) opinion that

"Faithiests cannot be proven wrong anyway, no matter what proof is offered, as that is the nature of their faith: to believe that something exists which can be percieved only by the spirit(cynics will sigh here). What proof could one possibly come up with to deny the existence of God, anyway?"

I would argue that while this is true, how can it be proven that god does exist? What kind of proof would it take to prove the existence of something the most devout believer cannot define? If one takes the bible literally, then existence of god has been proven, so one would think that those who do take the bible literally would be able to accept that they believe that god exists and go on happily assuming that everyone else is wrong.
I have no doubt that things exist beyond our perception, but I do not find it necessary to associate this feeling with the existence of a higher being in a spiritual sense. The universe is undoubtedly infinite, for if it is finite, then what is beyond it? It is almost inconceivable that earth is the only location with life of some sort, this is the most self-centered theory we, as a human race, have ever concocted. However, I do not believe that it is limited thinking on my part to doubt the existence of something as unexplainable as the concept of god.

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