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Subject: Re: Not a fundamentalist ( 5 of 63 )
Posted by Ann

Well said, DNA! It's refreshing to hear someone be able to say what they think for a change. Society seems to be akin to a room full of children pointing fingers at the kid who said a dirty word. We all have to be so politically correct it makes the stomach churn. I can't imagine what it must be like to be a public figure and to have to feel responsible for every word that comes out of your mouth.

Another example of this was a comment I read on awhile back about the book "Last Chance to See" it is for reference:

"There are some insightful and witty observations about animals in this book. Unfortunately, they are buried in the mostly unfunny stories of his travels to the location of the animals. The condescending and sometimes racist attitudes Douglas Adams shares about people in other countries were disturbing."

I had to snicker when I read this. I found your musings on other cultures to be quite honest and astute. Especially the bit about the Germans. ;)
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