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Subject: Re: Not a fundamentalist ( 21 of 63 )
Posted by Kathleen

BJ, lots of people plug away at life, trying to do the best they can with their own souls while REFUSING to make judgements about the condition of the souls of other people. Which means that I, personally (and I am far from alone), do not believe that my own religious beliefs are right and all the others are wrong. I'm just not that arrogant. I think it was C.S. Lewis (although he may have been paraphrasing Paul) who said something along the lines of, "The only soul I have any right to judge is my own." How does that fit into your linguistic theory?

I believe I need to take a break from being the DNA site's resident spokeswoman for the religious-at-heart. It's a facinating hobby, but demanding. So you all might not see me for a few days. I'll check back in a while, but in the meantime, have fun.
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