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Subject: Re: Hi, I'm back! ( 61 of 63 )
Posted by R.J.Briel

I have little doubt that your e-mail contributed to ..... no, in fact , I am pretty certain that it was your e-mail that stopped this forum in its tracks! But then again , that was your intention as you mentioned in your previous mail ... congratulations have achieved that ...pitty though! A forum is supposed to be a place where mere mortals exchange ideas and viewpoints ... it was a pleasure reading Katkleen's mail ... her convictions ...and the other fundamentalist's ... its called growth/exploration ... and please , God would not partake in a forum , He does not need to ... and if you really believe in God , like you seem to imply , I would hazard a gues that maybe Mr. Adams only know your type .... in that case , who could blame him for being a fundamentalist!

Mr Adams , you have an amazing talent ( writing) , self-achieved .... or God-given-gift , it does not matter which , but you have exposed quite a few wonders of nature , God-created or not , to many a reader ... and fundamentally , that is great!

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