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Subject: Agnostapalooza ( 30 of 63 )
Posted by Rob, SoLF

Howdi, all you'se people types... and of you there are many...

Deep within the bowels of the 90's and 00's there's a hip thing happening called slagging religion. There are those among us who scoff heartily at the thought of a God and instead choose to worship the most unholy of things... logic.

Wallowing in Agnosticity, I did my time, putting my faith in logic, and I assure you, it has certainly failed me as much as any God could have. But neither force exists solely or even partially to serve me, and knowing that makes me a happier camper these days... oh wait, I had a point...

If we could not prove air to exist, should one refuse to breathe?

To tell you the truth, I've never seen absolute proof of ANYTHING in my life. Scientists try to make rules for reality based on their observations, observations which are based on the data from five extremely limited senses, and a room full of technology built by people with the same handicap. People who would not once think: "Hey, lets build a machine that detects ethereal platypi and see if there are any in the ladies room." What kind of self-absorbed loonies are WE to insist that they AREN'T in there?

Logicians require proof before ascertaining that a certain God exists. The faithiests(a new word is born every day) require proof before ascertaining that a certain God doesn't exist. I tend to consider the two viewpoints to be very similar mechanically. Two opposing viewpoints that yield the same information. Kinda like probability/improbability...

Faith in a God is silly? I think using logic to dispel a God is even sillier. Logic is proof and deduction based on our weak, limited perceptions. We take it as gospel, though to take it as such is to say that there is no other viewpoint from which to stand that would make it false. We accept our own deductions even knowing that we are not omniscient. Sounds like faith to me. At least those who govern their lives with faith are aware that they are doing so.

I'm not trying to pick on anybody. I don't completely disagree with anyone here, but faith in a God is no more an absurd concept than logically deducing that the universe is infinite in size. If it is, how might this be proven? If it isn't, what color are the walls at its' edges? Faith may be blind, but logic has some hellacious cataracts...


Rob, SoLF

"10 years ago, I left my living room and bought a car. I have since driven it 145,000 miles, and yet, here I stand today in this same friggin' room, sitting in the very same chair I sat on then"
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