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Subject: Re: Wondering about nationality ( 41 of 63 )
Posted by Owlish

. This debate is often called "religion versus athiesim" ....It's not. there are many relgions without a notion of what we would call an absolute "god". Athiests come out of a Christian tradition that believed that there could be a god "seperate" and beyond life itself, from this evolved the notion that the psyche (soul) was seperate from matter and from the came the notion of "objectivity". You can trace the root notions as they evolved quite clearly. "obejectivity" or "metal seperation" (and idea that is hard put to anwser to quantum physics) and science could not have evolved without the paradigm of "seperate soul-from-body" which came out of christanity.
there are plent of religions that worship the world itself and life as being divine and holy without a "supreme creator" and that comes down to NOT a philosphical disagreance but instead an atitude about life. BOTH Christianity and Athiesim are unique to Western society in thier demystification and DE-preciation of the notion that life here and now can be divine.
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