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Subject: Re: this entire thread ( 28 of 63 )
Posted by logik5b

the thing i find so disturbing about religion in general and christianity specifically is that every christian i've ever met just believes. i ask them how they KNOW god exists, and they say that it requires faith. to me, faith in an omnipotent being who lives in a paradise with the faithful dead makes as much sense as believing that the universe is contained in a polo ball, which is used in a game played by giant dogs. if you re-read the last sentence, you'll see how silly it is. and that is exactly my point. the phrase "blind faith" is exactly that. while i'm on the warpath, i'd also like to mention that religion is convenient, as someone in this thread said, because anything that happens is chalked up to "god's will". i also find this lazy, and the fact that the number of americans that believe this drivel is on the rise is disturbing to me. perhaps i should become a hermit.

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