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Subject: Re: Agnostapalooza ( 32 of 63 )
Posted by Rob, SoLF

"The fight between Faithists and Logicists is going to continue for (here believers would say "god" and others "who") knows how long, until one or the other is proven wrong. But why do so many spend so much time on something we have no way of knowing whether or not there is a right or wrong answer to?"

Exactly, Allison, though I do feel we should strive to find the answers to those things we don't know, as I feel it is the nature of humanity to do so. And to add, Faithiests cannot be proven wrong anyway, no matter what proof is offered, as that is the nature of their faith: to believe that something exists which can be percieved only by the spirit(cynics will sigh here). What proof could one possibly come up with to deny the existence of God, anyway?

To feel that nothing exists beyond our perceptions is a very limited form of thinking; to think as such one have to seriously doubt the existence of life on other planets(who would likely percieve things with senses not totally like our own), and this is an awfully big universe for just us lil' humans... I feel it is our very nature to ponder the imponderable, and that is how we break new ground. How to NOT break new ground is to deem a different way of thinking to be totally absurd. I think the world would get a lot further if instead of one group trying to prove the other wrong, each would take a bit of the others' mindset with them...

...for the day I stopped scoffing at people was the first day that I actually got anywhere.
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