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Subject: Just to be immature. ( 24 of 63 )
Posted by Samus

While we're on the subject of religion and offensiveness; I'd like to point out some observations I've made in my lower-class life.
1. The only evidence god or jesus have is being the most popular, world wide known imaginary friend.
2. God/Jesus are just "teddy bears"
3. If people in heaven are anything like they are down here on earth, what would be the difference between heaven and hell?
4.I have always defined the word offensive as; uncomfortably insecure desire to rudely converse.
5. If you really want to get offended about religion, go out and buy these two George Carlin CD's: Back In Town and You Are All Diseased. Even if you don't want to get offended. It's great comedy and insight.
6. Ozzy rules!
7. Religion is mainly mind control and a sick money making scheme.
8. The whole meaning to life is not dying.
9. I can prove that evolution is not a theory and is the way we came about. It doesn't take years of research or reading books. It's really very simple.
There are people who still look like monkeys.

I just had to do that. I've been dying to spit these out and see what kind of responses I'd get. But these darn religion/god conversations have been scarce lately. Feel free to whine to me. I find it amusing and also, I really enjoy offensive conversations. They rock.

P.S. I know, my grammar sucks. No I'm not 12. And yes I have a great life with the sad exception of the other people who are idiots. Imagine that! Dumber than me.
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