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Subject: Religious Hypocracy? ( 1 of 52 )
Posted by J.S.

I've just read the interview you did with American Aethiest(sp?) Mr. Adams, and it almost seems to me that you consider anyone who believes in some type of god not on the same level as those who don't believe in any god. This jsut seems strange to me, that someone who doesn't advocate religion would have such a view, especially since a lot of religious people believe the same thing about people who don't believe the same thing they do (Christians V. Islam, ect.)
My opinion on religion is not important, to each his own. It just seems a bit of a hypocracy to me that someone would say a Buddhist or a Jew is "less-educated" than them for trying to find some form of hope in their ho-hum lives. My question though, is, do you really consider everyone who practices a religion simply dumb, or did it just come out the wrong way?

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