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Subject: Re: Religious Hypocracy? ( 6 of 52 )
Posted by Jim Steele

mark: "I certainly would say that those who believe in ANY god are either dumb, under-educated, insane"

douglas: "To Mark Chiddicks: You put it very well."

Jim Steele: I have to stop visiting this website, because I'm starting to lose respect for a writer I thought was rather good but who has turned out to be an idiot with an agenda. Am I justified in calling you an idiot? Only as childish name-calling in response to your calling me dumb, insane, or undereducated. My point: I don't understand why the atheists have to bash the faithful as naive dupes. Your atheism hasn't manifested itself in any form other than hostility to the faithful. I say I believe in God; you say I'm a jerk. Can your atheism be defined solely by it's opposition to my belief? I'd say it doesn't properly exist if it only exists as a negative in tandem with faith. You atheists are a bunch of flat earthers who need to be shown a globe before you'll believe it's round.
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