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Subject: Re: Thanks for getting us back on track. ( 19 of 52 )
Posted by A. Hickerson

To Hawley Smoot: I think the sort of thing you're talking about is what the Bible says somewhere--I don't have one handy to look it up at the moment--about God placing eternity in the hearts of people.

To arbiter: I realize that Mr. Adams did not say "There is no God," but that he didn't believe in any god. He *did* say, however, that he came to this belief (if I interpret him correctly) because he did not think that there was any evidence for one. I just wanted to know what sort of evidence he would expect to find that would demonstrate that there is a god. Assuming, for the moment that there is a god, what sort of evidence would there be that he exists?
I respect his atheism, because it is well thought out, judging by his own comments, anyway--I won't begin to even attempt to say that I know what's going on in his head. Since he really has thought this through, I just wanted him to expand a bit further.
No attacks meant! I'm just seeking truth, here.

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