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Subject: Re: Further thoughts and responses ( 48 of 52 )
Posted by Iain Gatt

A. Hickerson,
OK it looks like we got our wires crossed again, when you said
You're assuming that God is part of creation.
I thought that you just meant "involved in the process" rather than actually being a product of the creation process. I also seem to have misjudged sarcasm, but the response to the "creator's creator" idea is the issue that i genuinely want discussed rather than bypassed.

You are trying to get us "hard core atheists" to admit that there is no proof that god doesn't exist while we are trying to show you that there is no logical arguement that he exists period.
In my opinion giving reasons that something doesn't exist is more convincing than just pointing out that there are no reasons against it existing.
And to say that no good reason to believe in something just boils down to being the very essence of faith just doesn't wash. I may have faith in a person i know but that faith is through past experience of the skills or reliabity of that person and not some anti-egotism that religion promotes of the necessity of "something bigger than us" out there. All there is stars, and galaxies. Are tiny and insignificant?
Yes. And very likely alone, for a long long time.
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