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Subject: Re: Further thoughts and responses ( 31 of 52 )
Posted by MsMarvel42

First of all, absolute proof of God would make faith impossible. This is stated not only in the Bible, but also in Hitchhiker's itself! (Read the section on the Babel fish).

As far as God sending us a message, what do you think Jesus was trying to do? And before someone makes a comment to this effect, I'll point out that the Bible predicted that the Jews would not believe he was the true messiah.

I believe in God and I do not fear the lack of respect that might earn from any atheist. I regret that Douglas Adams, whom I greatly respect as a writer, has no faith in God. I understand how many powerful figures in organized religion have abused their positions and created resentment. I am also greatly bothered by those who reject obvious scientific facts claiming that they are negated by the Bible. It makes Christians appear uneducated and quite foolish, and therefore those who have not studied the Bible in great detail reject it based on incorrect quotes from idiots.

Example: Nowhere in the Bible does it state that the earth is flat; in fact, the earth is described as a sphere in the Old Testament. Yet the Catholic Church persecuted scientists based on this fact. The Catholics of that time quoted Aristotle (a pagan, by the way) as much as Christ. All of the "scientific inaccuracy" of the Church came from Aristotle (long dead, and probably very unhappy about his use in these matters). The Bible itself contains much science which was ahead of its time when written. (See Solomon's description of the water cycle. Boring, but a good example).

Well, I've rambled. I don't mean to prove the existance of God, which cannot be done. I am merely trying to negate some of the damage done by the less informed, or the wrongly motivated.
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