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Subject: Re: Further thoughts and responses ( 30 of 52 )
Posted by arbiter

If God exists, what sort of evidence would we expect to find that would demonstrate that existence?

We would not expect to find any because God presumably wants us to know him by faith, not by accepting evidence or proof. Any 'evidence' forthcoming would therefore not issue from Him.

I suspect the reason that no-one has satisfactorily answered your question is that it is meaningless. It is therefore not possible to formulate an answer that could satisfy it. You might as well ask "Given that something cannot, by its very nature, be demonstrated, how should we expect to see it demonstrated?"

Si, when I compare love to God, I'm not talking about the physiological effects of love, I'm talking about the sure knowledge, in your heart, that it exists - the unquestionable conviction. That which is not subject to proof or evidence or any of those subordinating criteria. Personally speaking, I'm not a subscriber to faith myself, but I can certainly see that it cannot be touched by such tools as logical proof. It's a different system of thinking entirely (if you can call it thinking).
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