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Subject: Re: Further thoughts and responses ( 42 of 52 )
Posted by Iain Gatt

A. Hickerson, I'll try & spell ur name correctly ;)

You're assuming that God is part of creation.
Umm dont Jews/ Christians hold any stock in Genesis now? even if u give up on argueing over evolution, i thought the drum was now being beaten to the tune of God kick started the Big Bang, luv those buzzwords.

Besides, if God had a Creator, then I'd want to worship the one who created him.
You missed my point here, if we have two creators then we need three, if we have three we need four (and little fleas have smaller fleas and so ad infinitum....)

However, I think you will find--at least in Christianity--that God is an uncreated being who exists independednt of all of what we know as reality.
I know that it is the essence of religion but it just strikes me as a huge cop out, we can't understand "god" not even slightly, so don't bother think, don't worry it doesn't hold water, just toe the line.
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