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Subject: Re: Religious Hypocracy? ( 51 of 52 )
Posted by Freethinker

OK, lads and lassies...
Let's get one thing straight here - where one side of an
argument claims the existence of something, and the
other takes an opposing view, the burden of proof lies
with the one making the initial claim....our species has
been poisoned by superstitious claptrap for so long that it
has become ingrained into our cultures and social
subconscious. When examined in the cold light of
reason, the argument for a higher power or deity or
spiritual plane can no longer stand. There IS NO
EVIDENCE. What suprises me is the amount of
obviously intelligent and otherwise rational people
who can admit there is no evidence and then claim
that in this ONE arena of their life where none is needed.
On the contrary.
Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.
Drawing supposed correlations between "love" and
"god" is preposterous...Love is an intellectual ideal
attached to a series of emotional reactions triggered
by biochemical responses in the human brain -
we know this. We can even duplicate many of these
responses artificially with narcotic or electrical stimulants.
We can also do it with pain, depression, joy or hunger.
Do you "believe" in hunger?

Religion exists in the absence of reason.
Even intelligent theists excuse their position
on god by claiming faith as something "separate"
from logic. Rationale is rejected in the interest of
clinging to a belief system that the believer wants
to hold. RAVEN asked:"what's the harm - the bible
preaches goodness and morals so what's it matter?"
Unfortunately, it DOES matter. The bible teaches
far more than that. It preaches intolerance, racism,
misogny, genocide - you name it...all in the sure
knowledge that it is sanctioned by god. THAT's the
problem with religion.

Someone (I can't recall who, I'm late onto this posting
and it took me forever just to catch up) claimed that
the bible had predicted scientific discoveries that we
have since embraced - specifically that the earth was
round. If you actually read the scriptures you'll see
that the earth was round all right, and balanced on
four huge pillars -(indicating a disk more than a sphere,
wouldn't you say?) but I digress...if I were to start
listing biblical inaccuracies here I'd here all day,
and it still wouldn't shake the faith of a true believer.
In my experience, most atheists have read more of the
bible than most christians....

Finally, for those who claim to hold the insipid "
...I don't believe in the bible's God - I just think there's
some higher force out there..." cop-out, I think Iain
Gatt said it perfectly: If you hold follow the christian
line - if there's no afterlife - if this higher power "instigated"
the big bang and now stands off "watching from afar (a-where?)" ,
interfering in wordly affairs not at all - WHAT F**KING USE IS HE??!!??
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