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Subject: Re: Thanks for getting us back on track. ( 16 of 52 )
Posted by A. Hickerson

Thanks, I left this forum this morning with an honest question, and a lot of name-calling and logical fallacies found their way here! Gee!
Thank you, Mr. Adams, for answering honestly, but I guess my next question (and really my original question) which is alluded to in the previous post, is, "What sort of evidence would you expect to find that would demonstrate the existence of a god, assuming that there was one?" A signature of some sort? An overall feeling of well-being for no apparent reason? A god you could see? What?
I'm not trying to be antagonistic here. I certainly do not believe that atheists are stupid or even willfully blind, I just have some questions. Knowing that you've thought this through thoroughly, Mr. Adams (and anyone else who wants in on this), I would be very interested what evidence you would expect to find.

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