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Subject: Re: Thanks for getting us back on track. ( 20 of 52 )
Posted by Casey Cady

A. Hickerson said:
Assuming, for the moment that there is a god, what sort of evidence would there be that he exists?

Speaking for myself (of course) I would accept nothing less than valid scientific evidence. That's the crux of the problem. I have nothing to go on or work with except that a bunch of people are putting forth a very poor argument that I should believe in something that is wildly improbable. Hard science lays down very specific rules as to what is acceptable as evidence which can be used to form a hypothesis. That is what I must see before believing in a god.
No amount of badgering, or telling me how wonderful your god is will do. I'm simply incapable of believing in something when given so little.
Again, let me reiterate what others have said. I certainly respect your beliefs, but I can lend them no credence.

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