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Subject: Re: Further thoughts and responses ( 29 of 52 )
Posted by A. Hickerson

Woody: You are right about the fact that most religions/faiths at their very heart do promote a similar moral code--the golden rule if nothing else. One might be led to ask the question, if religion is simply a human construct, how is it that we all came up with the same ideas? Why do we all hold--almost instinctually, that it is wrong to steal, or to refuse to share with someone who shares with you, or to molest a child, or kill someone unprovoked? Is there some higher sense of morality that is built in? Good observation.
Henrik Jordahn:Thank you for pointing out that we all have presuppositions that we come to any discussion with. If you assume that the world is all here by chance, then you won't look for God in any of it.
Si: You're just being silly.
arbiter: Come back to reality! If God created this world, and he wants us to know him, then it stands to reason that he would reveal himself to us. He'd have to. Anyone who can work out the intricacies of the proteins in a DNA or RNA strand is bound to be so far advanced from us, that we would never just see him right away. Besides, logic and the laws of nature were developed, based on a belief in a world created by God with certain rules or guiding principles that worked the same way every time.
Iain Gaint: You're assuming that God is part of creation. I don't think that we have to assume that. Besides, if God had a Creator, then I'd want to worship the one who created him. What's the point of having a second-rate God. However, I think you will find--at least in Christianity--that God is an uncreated being who exists independednt of all of what we know as reality.
I don't think any of you has really answered my question: If God exists, what sort of evidence would we expect to find that would demonstrate that existence?
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