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Subject: Re: Thanks for getting us back on track. ( 18 of 52 )
Posted by arbiter

Let's get this straight.

Mr. Adams said "I don't believe in a god." - An opinion.

He did not say "There is no God." - A statement.

It is ridiculous to take offence at other people's opinions. If you don't like like it, don't espouse it - it's as simple as that. We're lucky enough to be able to think what we like - in most countries at any rate.

What enrages Mr. Adams, I believe, is the almost universal inability of certain types of believers (a) to try to talk rationally or intelligently about it, and (b) to attempt to 'prove' God's existence by logical means - an impossibe task, as Faith and Proof cannot operate in the same arena, and the factor mentioned in (a) stops them being able even to start.

Faithful - don't bother trying to 'prove' your God exists - you're utterly wasting your time.

Atheists - make it more clear that you disrespect stupidity and irrationality, not faith.
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