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Subject: Re: Religious Hypocracy? ( 52 of 52 )
Posted by Frank James Chapman

There's no use debating religion. Think about it: religion isn't debate material. You can't debate it because the religious side of the debate can make up any old thing it needs to in order to duck out from under a point. I have found that the best way to deflect, and avoid wasting time with a religioso is simply to ask, 'why do you believe?' and then just leave it at that. This works for two reasons: one; your limiting your statements and avoiding a mindboggling argument and two; the only answers to the question sound lame and spurious when voiced out loud allowing for a chance at getting them to think or failing that you can enjoy the frustration they experience at not being able to find a way to reply with some long winded rationalization and sophistry.

If you must know, I have found only one problem with Christianity (course it can easily be argued that the bible wasn't the first to have good ideas). It's a problem which lies at it's very base and, as far as I can tell, has gone un-noticed by everyone. The problem concerns the idea of Judgement Day. How is it possible to judge a creation you yourself created? Put another way, when the Bible says 'the fool has said in his heart "there is no God"' my question is, 'whose idea was it to make fools?'! It doesn't make good sense to create fools and then say, 'to hell you go for being fools'. Religiosos like to cry out 'free will' at this point to which it is all to easy to ask, 'who chooses to be foolish?'. Then you have to try to explain why deciding to be a fool means you already were one... Not to mention trying to point out that the free will question is one of those unknowables; are we deciding or are we doing what our collection of sub atomic particles would have done anyway? This is something we can't answer. It's an unknowable. Another example; were you born decades ago or did you pop into existence five minutes ago with all the memories of having been born decades ago? We can't know the answer to that. It's not worth worrying about. Stress avoidance warning: Don't take this up with a religioso unless your prepared to go into it with the aim of amusing yourself with the crazy, convoluted ways they tap dance around the point. I myself have experienced nailing a religioso down to the point whereupon they nervously admit that yes, in fact, those who don't 'get it' will go to hell and it doesn't matter that it doesn't make sense, it was all put on for the benefit of the saved anyway. In other words, I asked someone if I will go to hell because I just wasn't able to honestly figure out what was going on in the universe and he said, 'yes'! Weird weird weird... My favorite thing to say when confronted with earth weirdness is, 'I've gotta fix my space ship'. Ha ha. Clever me. I shouldn't drink beer and log on...
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