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Subject: Re: Thanks for getting us back on track. ( 39 of 52 )
Posted by Bryan

Right. My take on it is that the need/desire to explain
is a fundamental adaptive driver of human behaviour.
Religion/God provides one such explanatory paradigm
(with several theories within that paradigm) while
science/rationality provides another. Personally I think
the god thing destroys its own argument by its reliance
on external agency - if it could incorporate its political
vagaries in its philosophy then it might have a chance. But
pleading the word of god, then changing it because it suits
your paymasters smacks of intellectual bankcruptcy.

Science has its own faiths, but faiths which do allow some
sort of proof - there are people struggling towards
prooving the reality of certain subatomic particles. At
present they exist theoretically, but in any real way only
by faith. Maths == theology I suppose. But it seems the main
empirical evidence for theological arguments can only be
found by dying. QE-urgghhh.
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