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Subject: Proof of g(G?)od ( 22 of 52 )
Posted by Henrik Jordahn

What kind of proof would we expect to be willing to accept the existence of (a) God?
'An act of God' would satisfy some (though not a scientist) but as God, in most religions, is part of everyhting, then any occurrence, be that large or small, is An act of God'. Therefore you cannot extract any proof of God's existence from any occurence, it will be interpreted as something completely natural.
So your option is to believe or not believe in which-ever god we would be talking about.
But the most important issue, I think, is whether you lead a life that is satisfying to yourself and the people you interact with, and do you help people around you when they need a hand. And that has nothing to do with religion or belief, it's only common-sense.
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