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Subject: Re: Further thoughts and responses ( 37 of 52 )
Posted by Henrik Jordahn

So the only proof that god exists you are likely to get, is if you feel a strong love for god or 'his' strong love for you. Thus god will exist for you, but not necceserily for anybody else. You may go and search for the love of/for god and you may find it, but you will not be able to quantify it in a way that will satisfy any scientist. Would a scientist take it as proof of gods existence if Mr. Atheist suddenly declared that he had found god and love for him? Hardly, a scientist would probably just claim that Mr. Atheist was the victim of some kind of brainwash. But for Mr. Atheist that would not matter because from his point of view, god would now exist.(and Mr. Atheist would become Mr Theist)
We all have our own unique picture of the world we live in, we all have different perspectives because we are all individuals.
Some things in our commom world we can agree upon as quantifiable and true for all of us, but other matters are a matter of personal experience, upbringing, cultural background etc.

And I can't escape the thought that sometimes it seems that atheism is at times almost a religion in itself....
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