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Subject: Re: Thanks for getting us back on track. ( 17 of 52 )
Posted by Hawley Smoot

Ok, here's my opinion. I couldn't read all those posts and keep quiet.

God (or any sort of "higher power") is HIGHLY improbably, but logically possible. Until we know everything there is to know about the universe beyond doubt, the possibilities are infinite. So it could happen.

Why I choose to believe in some sort of god: It's comforting to believe that there's somebody somewhere who knows what it's all about and can keep track of everything. Also, I like to think that when I die I'll go somewhere when and exist for all eternity (although logically, if there was no afterlife, I'd be too dead to care...).

And the clincher: Too much good stuff happens to me that I obviously don't deserve. I don't belive in myself, so I gotta believe in somebody else.

And there ya go.
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