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Subject: Wrong forum, kiddos ( 15 of 52 )
Posted by Chris Federico

I proudly believe in love and aspirin. :) The replies in this thread that defend belief in God use the same rote, age-old arguments that one always hears from religious people: circular attacks on semantics that misconstrue the meanings of "believe in" (as the man himself points out earlier in this thread) and "put faith in" (i.e. the ludicrous post that precedes this one).
Here's the deal on Christians etc. : They know that the entity in which they've chosen to put their faith is unlikely to exist, given the fact that it contradicts everything they know about the world; so due to that very fragile faith and the knowledge, deep down, that their doctrine is unrealistic myth, they have to defend themselves that much more -- and attack atheists with that much more fervor. Who is the real "idiot with an agenda?" My vote: A brainwashed servant of myth who deliberately places himself publicly at odds with people who've chosen to wake up and realize that there's no invisible man in the clouds who watches everything they do. Your life's in your own hands, folks -- no one else's. This is frightening for some people, but I wish they'd go over to the half-witted crap forum.
Just wanted to get my 2 Psalms in. -- Chris
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