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Subject: Re: Vote Ralph Nader (US) ( 14 of 98 )
Posted by JD

Re: the 5% thing going to 15% for the "who can debate" rule ... all I can say is that the Democrats are more savvy than the Republicans were back when they allowed Ross Perot to debate - personally, I voted for Perot that election when I probably would have voted for Dole. *shrug* The Democrats probably fear a similar thing may happen with Nader and Gore, which I believe is what Mr. Adams was pointing out.

As for how I vote, It's really not a question of what the caditates are proposing - ultimately, Congress decides law, and the President's administration is just the obstacle. The way to vote, I'm convinced, is to look behind the rhetoric, the practiced and well-spun speeches, the media events, the commercials, and, yes, even the appearances on Letterman and Oprah ... look behind all that, and see how the candidate carries himself through it all. It's more important to understand how the man operates as a politician; it's far more important to know how much he listens to his advisors and of what kind of advisors he keeps than to listen to whatever's coming out of his mouth at any given moment. I mean come on, this is politics after all. The only things politicians will ever say when trying to get elected are the things they think we want to hear. Or, perhaps more accurately, the things they want us to think we want to hear.
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