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Subject: Re: Vote Ralph Nader (US) ( 73 of 98 )
Posted by cesoid

I agree that sometimes you can trust someone's facts even when you do not trust their analysis of the facts, but Rush Limbaugh's facts seem to be hopelessly intertwined with the picture as a whole. If you can't seperate your whole message from the parts that make up your message you are likely to be arguing in a circle. I say that Rush can't seperate his whole message from the parts because he makes a point out of ridiculing anyone he disagrees with and can't concede even the smallest point unless it proves a larger point.

In addition, it is hard to believe anything as important as he is implying when no other sources have even mentioned it. If Limbaugh's source is someone from CNN, then why didn't CNN report this? It's possible that one poll worker did say something like that to he CNN reporter, but it is also possible that this poll worker had no idea what they were talking about. We have no direct quote from the poll worker, and no description of what the poll worker's job was at the poll.

Please don't get your news from Rush Limbaugh, this is a huge mistake.

PS What's with the Fred Wallese post? It looks like he forgot to take some medication or something.
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