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Subject: US politix ( 29 of 98 )
Posted by Swobo

i am 15, so many of you would probably not respect my veiws on this topic, but you should. i am a high school debator and am very concerned with the election. our topic this year in debate is privacy and of course, it being an election year, there are many arguments dealing w/ the two presidential candidates. nad i must admit that neither of the candidates (Bush and Gore) are very appealing. but i agree w/ mr. adams that you should vote for gore and this is why:

if bush is elected he will appoint 3-4 supreme court justices. and i can assure you they will be extremely conservative. this means that they will begin implementing many rulings that would overturn rights protections i.e. roe v wade. this would be very bad for the US nad its citizens.
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