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Subject: Re: Vote Ralph Nader (US) ( 24 of 98 )
Posted by Tim

Trust me, if we all sat back and ate yoghurt we'd all be a lot happier. Have you ever seen Piccadilly Circus during the rush hour? It is absolutely HEAVING with people who are desperately in need of a good comfy chair in which to recline and a nice pot of strawberry flavoured, creamy dairy solution to consume. If no-one voted, it does not necessarily folow that the country would be taken over by a Hitler-esque fascist. In fact, if you know your history (and I do), you will see that the situation in Germany during the years following the First World War was simply ripe to be snatched up by a stunted little emotional retard such as Mr Adolph. Inflation ahd reached the point where it was cheaper to plaster your house with bank notes than actually buy wallpaper and a stamp could cost up to several billion doitchmarks. Germany had been stunned and distraught at the fact that, after losing millions in the war, they actually lost it and many were saying that they had been "stabbed in the back" by Jews and Socialists. However, none of this is currently happening on the whole and so it is unlikely that a few people calming down and eating some yoghurt whilst reclining in a comfortable chair would invite a replaying of the Nazis.

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