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Subject: Re: Big Corp. = No Bias??? ( 77 of 98 )
Posted by J. Bryan


Do you know who Warren Buffet is? By the way, I live in Omaha. How 'bout Bill Gates? These are the two single most rich men in the world. They are also two of the biggest liberals in the country. One, a dominant player in the stock market, and the other, the king of what's maybe the biggest business in the world. Therefore, if big business actually DID have a role in influencing the media, there's no reason for it to lean to the right.
I've also never understood why major corporations are supposed to be so bad for the country. If someone can explain, please do so.

By the way, about there being more American Indians in the world: There's also more Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, etc. Or do you not believe that either [no offense]. It's just because of a general rise in population. I haven't gone through the trouble of double checking the facts behind Rush's statement, but he's NOT a dishonest guy. And if he is wrong, he admits it and apologizes [like his prediction of a Bush landslide - that kind of pissed me off]. Anyway, the proof of the Indian thing is probably on some spreadsheet in some census somewhere.
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