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Subject: Re: Why no report on Mary Matalin? ( 75 of 98 )
Posted by J. Bryan

Pointing out that there's been no press coverage on Mary Matalin's discovery may seem like a good one, but there's one extremely simple answer:

Liberal Biased Media

Rush heard Mary M. tell the world what she knew from her own mouth on T.V. Mary did not tell Rush herself. The thing is, Rush is willing to repeat it where the liberal biased media is NOT. You think there is no liberal bias??? The subject of Mary M. has been all over the Fox News forums. I now people have been telling them. I've heard only one other person bring this up, but he was abruptly cut off for a commercial right after he said Mary's name. They do know about this, they just don't want to make news out of it. Why? Because if it ever turned out to be true, it would assure a republican victory. Another bit of proof of this bias can be shown with one question: According to the press, what is Ralph Nader? That's right!! A "spoiler." They don't give him any sort of respect for setting forth and acheiving his goals. They don't point him out as someone who has inspired thousands of Americans to vote for the first time. They see him as a "spoiler."

Bottom line:

Gore lost...they can'y handle it, and they'll do WHATEVER IT TAKES to change the outcome.
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