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Subject: Re: Vote Ralph Nader (US) ( 92 of 98 )
Posted by Gaerma

The arbitrary control of information and viewpoints by the media, including t.v. networks,
publications, and web sites, concerns me a great deal because it can and does affect
society, government, and ultimately truth and freedom.

most amusing. let us turn for but a moment from the election to look at what you have to say. yes. you have been given the lime-light...

what control is there on information online? i find none, and wish there were some variety of quality control to keep the ability to insert information out of the hands of the inept, i.e. yourself. while i will not bash you so openly as the prior response to your posting (and bear in mind i am bashing nonetheless) consider yourself insulted if you can't understand what i say.

i find it appalling that anyone would believe anything that could be found online, especially in the area of politics! any idiot can put information on the internet, via site creation and postings, as you have so marvelously given example to. and if you believe a president does anything aside from playing scapegoat to the nation's problems with rare exceptions, you are living a very sad fallacy indeed. if we run a few years without a president it may serve as a wake-up call that our nation's status is not in the hands of men.

is this sort of reason why you stopped using h2g2? finding that the truth which you hold so highly makes you look something of a looney? i can only wonder, and wait to see if you have any sort of reply amounting to anything.

but please, please, and above all else, waste not our time with mudslinging websites. why do we bother to fuss over this continually when the election is closed--no more votes are going to be cast, my friends... the whole thing is moot. why say "he did this" and "if elected he'll do this! this is frightening!!" it is rather out of our hands.

(who incidently has just had plastic surgery to enlarge his nose, for the purpose of poking it where it belongeth not)
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