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Subject: Re: Tommy and the Ballot ( 69 of 98 )
Posted by emittan

In responce to J. Bryan's fact-stating post, I'd like to add
a few more details.

Both parties did, in fact approve a ballot that was to be
given in Palm Beach County. The ballot that was approved by
both parties was the ballot that was used as a sample ballot
sent to the voters in Palm Beach County.

HOWEVER, the ballot approved by both parties and sent to the
voters was not the same ballot seen by voters ON ELECTION
DAY. For this reason, the 19,000 voters that inadvertently
voted for Mr. Reform Party were voting as they thought they
would need to, according to the sample ballot sent to them by
the county, in order to place a vote for Gore.

Not disputing your facts, just filling in the details :-)
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