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Subject: Bush, Gore, What's the difference? ( 54 of 98 )
Posted by Tommy Jones

Yes, yes, I know they SAY they'll do things differently, but the one undeniable and constant fact of American politics is that elected officials who behave differently on the campaign trail will behave exactly the same once in office. They always seek the middle of the road.

Look at Clinton. Look at Bush the elder. Look at Reagan.

Despite all their big talk and promises, they always kept up with popular opinion. Democracy works. It's a blessing and a curse all wrapped up in one.

I'm voting for Nader on the off chance that he might possibly make it in. Not that it will make much difference if he does, I just don't want to vot for Tweedledum or Tweedledee.

Nader will either become a moderate or his plans will be thwarted by congress. If Nader wasn't running, I wouldn't vote for Bush or Gore at all. I'd spend election night at home because it doesn't matter which of these chuzzlewits gets to sit in the big poofy chair.

American politicians will never change until the American voters themselves change.

You might call it cynicism but I call it being realistic.
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